Embrace the Spring Cleaning: A Guide to Strategic Planning and Refresh

By embracing the spirit of spring cleaning, organizations can clear away the clutter of outdated strategies and pave the way for fresh ideas and innovation.  Pathway Group’s strategy refresh services work within your organization’s existing strategic plan to analyze, rejuvenate, and offer a fresh perspective. We recently sat down with Pathway partner and strategy expert Julie DeLong – here are our key takeaways on how your organization can embrace a spring reset:

Revisit Your Strategic Plan

Spring cleaning isn’t just for closets and garages; it’s also an opportunity to dust off your strategic plan and ensure it’s still relevant and effective. Take a close look at your objectives, initiatives, and metrics. Has anything changed in the last year that requires adjustments or tweaks to your plan? Are there new team members who need to be brought up to speed? By reviewing and updating your strategic plan, you can ensure that your organization is well-positioned for success in the months and years ahead.

Align Your Operations with Your Strategy

A key component of the spring reset is ensuring that your operations plan aligns seamlessly with your overarching strategic goals. Take the time to assess how well your day-to-day activities support your long-term vision. Are there any disconnects or areas for improvement? By aligning your operations with your strategy, you can maximize efficiency and effectiveness across your organization.

Engage Your Team

Spring can also be a time for connection and collaboration. Consider conducting formal staff surveys and check-ins to gather feedback and insights from your team members. Additionally, take advantage of informal opportunities to reconnect with colleagues and celebrate your collective achievements. By fostering open communication and a sense of camaraderie, you can strengthen your team and fuel excitement for the work ahead.

Freshen up your Fundraising

For fundraisers, the spring reset is an especially critical time to review and revise your strategic fundraising plan. Take stock of your goals, evaluate your progress, and ensure that everyone on your team is aligned and engaged. By refreshing your fundraising strategy, you can set the stage for success and make a meaningful impact on your organization’s mission. Spring is the perfect time to reset and refresh your strategic plan.

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