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Philanthropy Advising

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The Pathway Group's philanthropy advising services are instrumental in aligning impactful giving with the core values of individuals, families, or corporations. We empower donors through comprehensive education and encourage informed decision-making. Leveraging our expertise in grant-making and extensive knowledge of best practices, we support your team and offer strategic guidance throughout the entirety of the grant cycle.

Family Foundation & Corporate Philanthropy Strategy Development

Our family foundation and corporate philanthropy strategy development services are carefully tailored to align with your mission and values. From delineating focus areas to implementing effective grantmaking, we collaborate closely with you and your team to guide and refine strategies that bring your philanthropic vision to life.

Donor Education

At the Pathway Group, our donor education services go beyond conventional methods to provide a wealth of resources, workshops, and personalized guidance aimed at enhancing understanding of impactful giving. Our commitment extends to fostering a deep connection between donors and their philanthropic passions. We curate resources that explore various giving vehicles, impact assessment methodologies, and ethical considerations to equip you with the skills and knowledge you need to navigate the philanthropic landscape with confidence.

Grantmaking Best Practices

We guide organizations through effective grantmaking strategies, from application processes to evaluation metrics, enhancing the efficacy and reach of your philanthropic investments. Drawing on years of experience in the sector, we have developed a set of innovative strategies to drive greater effectiveness and impact.

Collaborative Philanthropy Planning

At the Pathway Group, we cultivate partnerships that unite resources, expertise, and networks to maximize collective impact for shared causes and communities.

Family Foundation Administration

The administration required to meet your philanthropic goals can feel overwhelming. Our custom services are designed for efficiency and impact.

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Service Spotlight

Family Foundation Administration


Efficient administration is the bedrock of successful foundations. The Pathway Group’s family foundation administration services provide comprehensive support in managing day-to-day philanthropic operations. From governance to grant administration and reporting, we provide tailored solutions to ensure compliance, effectiveness, and efficiency.


  • Alignment of family objectives and foundation mission
  • Determine desired outcomes and measurements
  • Design grant analytics


  • Carefully design board/family meetings, retreats, etc.
  • Offer ongoing philanthropy and nonprofit education
  • Curate site visits and service opportunities as appropriate


  • Develop rubrics to measure impact over time
  • Collect impact measurement data from grantees
  • Report and refine

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