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The Pathway Group offers a comprehensive suite of customized services to elevate your fundraising initiatives and help you reach your revenue goals. From campaign planning to our signature annual fundraising process, Pathfinder, we offer expert guidance to drive philanthropic objectives, achieve revenue sustainability, and maximize impact.

Feasibility Studies

The Pathway Group’s feasibility study services act as a guiding compass, steering your organization toward a successful campaign. With a proven process that has been refined over two decades, yet is still adaptable to your organization's distinct needs, we engage directly with donors and prospects, delving deep to uncover the viability of your large-scale fundraising endeavors. Our final deliverable is a comprehensive analysis and plan, providing clear guidance as you embark on the campaign journey.

Capital Campaigns

The Pathway Group stands ready to support you through each phase of your campaign journey with expert advice, results-oriented coaching, and proven techniques. From inception to triumphant celebration, we will orchestrate customized campaign strategies that align with your audience, strengthen philanthropic partnerships, and allow you to secure the resources you need to drive meaningful change and amplify impact.


Pathfinder is a comprehensive system to assess, discover, and guide your annual fundraising efforts to success.

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Grant Research & Writing

The Pathway Group’s team of seasoned grant writing professionals navigates the process of securing funding from grant-making organizations, including foundations, government agencies, and other philanthropic entities, with precision and professionalism. Armed with strong writing skills, an in-depth grasp of the nonprofit sector, and the expertise to align your organization’s mission and programs with potential funders’ priorities, our team ensures a strategic approach to securing vital fundraising resources.

Annual Campaigns

Our responsive annual campaign strategies are thoughtfully designed to resonate with your audience and help you meet or exceed your campaign targets, from acquisition to retention. We combine innovative thinking and data-driven strategies with time-tested practices to help you achieve your annual campaign goals.

Event Planning & Management

From ideation to execution, the Pathway Group’s event planning and management services will help you craft an impactful experience for your guests, amplify your mission and work, and generate revenue. From galas to charity walks and everything in between, our team brings strategy, organization, and experience to each project.

Director of Development Boot Camp

The Pathway Group’s Director of Development Boot Camp provides recently-appointed development leaders with the essential knowledge, tools, and strategies they need to thrive in the complex world of nonprofit fundraising. Through education, skill-building, and coaching, we cultivate development leaders poised to drive transformation and exceed revenue goals.

Service Spotlight

Drive Annual Fundraising with Pathfinder


We believe that strong annual fundraising efforts drive organizational sustainability and community engagement. Pathfinder is the Pathway Group’s signature development planning process, providing a comprehensive framework designed to assess, discover, and guide annual efforts to maximum success. With a focus on thorough data analysis, personalized coaching, and collaborative planning, we empower organizations to increase revenue and confidently navigate the intricate landscape of resource development.


  • Pathway's 12-point development program review
  • Data statistics analysis
  • [Optional] Board interviews


  • Assessment review and exploration of opportunities and challenges
  • Leadership engagement through a tailored visioning process
  • Collaborative work to create a custom plan


  • Annual fundraising plan, with core strategies, tactics, and benchmarks
  • Development plan milestones for year one of the plan
  • A plan implementation guide

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