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Strategy & Planning

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The Pathway Group’s strategy and planning services are catalysts for transformative change and sustainable growth across organizations of all sizes. Through our expertise in strategic planning, consensus-building, and community engagement, we provide a holistic approach that aligns with your organization’s unique journey.

Organizational Development & Assessment

Our organizational development and assessments offer comprehensive evaluations that dive into the challenges and opportunities your organization faces. Through this process, we uncover underlying issues, identify strengths, and hone in on growth opportunities.

Strategic Planning & Strategy Refresh

Collaboration is at the heart of the Pathway Group's strategic planning services, including comprehensive strategic planning and strategy refresh.

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Mergers & Acquisitions

Our expertise in nonprofit mergers and acquisitions empowers organizations to navigate this complex process with purpose and clarity. We guide organizations through due diligence, negotiations, and integration, aligning vision and resources for a harmonious and impactful union.

Public Policy Research & Implementation

Through our specialized public policy services, the Pathway Group delves into evidence-based analyses and research to shape policies that align with your organizational objectives. Our approach extends beyond conventional research; we actively drive implementation strategies to bridge the gap between insights and actionable plans.

Facility Assessment & Management

Our facility assessment and management services dive deep into facility infrastructure to assess efficiency, sustainability, and functionality. Through comprehensive evaluations and robust data analysis, we can make recommendations designed to align with organizational goals and serve your community.

Community Engagement Services

The Pathway Group’s community engagement services empower your organization to authentically connect with the community. Leveraging our expertise in conceptualizing and executing needs assessments, we employ a blend of research techniques - from in-depth informant interviews to dynamic focus groups - to provide indispensable insights that reflect the needs of your community. We cultivate meaningful dialogue and craft robust feedback mechanisms, with an emphasis on fostering an environment where diverse voices are heard.

Bringing People & Resources Together


With a deep understanding of nonprofit and government ecosystems, our team works closely with clients to strengthen mission-based work, effectively allocate resources, cultivate collaborative partnerships, and foster authentic community connections.

Multi-Stakeholder Negotiation & Consensus Building

The Pathway Group’s multi-stakeholder negotiation services are instrumental in navigating complex landscapes where consensus is paramount. By bringing diverse voices to the table, we facilitate dialogue and forge agreements that honor varying perspectives while advancing common goals.

General Consulting & Advisory Services

The Pathway Group’s consulting and advisory services leverage years of sector-specific knowledge to offer innovative strategies and actionable recommendations that can help your organization overcome challenges and seize opportunities.

Public Private Partnerships

The Pathway Group’s expertise in public-private partnership work serves as a catalyst for fostering collaborative partnerships that harness strengths across sectors. We are dedicated to facilitating these partnerships, ensuring alignment of goals and mutual benefits.

Coalition & Relationship Building

We understand that driving meaningful change often begins with collaboration and forming strategic partnerships. The Pathway Group’s coalition and relationship-building services foster collaboration among diverse stakeholders through strategic facilitation, partner mapping, and relationship cultivation. Working with your team, we will forge alliances that coalesce around shared objectives and ensure aligned outcomes.

Naming Rights

The Pathway Group’s naming rights services pave the way for impactful branding alliances with a philanthropic focus. Our process is thorough, commencing with a rigorous relationship mapping process and naming rights market analysis. From there, we tailor a program that includes prioritized prospects, pricing strategies, curated materials, and gift solicitation techniques. Through our work, leaders can leverage private charitable dollars to advance major public initiatives, ensuring community engagement and lasting impact

Government Relations

The Pathway Group’s government relations services are designed to help your organization navigate the complex landscape where policy and practice converge. We specialize in fostering connections between nonprofits and policymakers, advocating on behalf of your mission. Our experienced team provides hands-on support and negotiation expertise as you navigate diverse government processes including fundraising, contracting, shared services, and partnerships.

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Strategic Planning & Strategy Refresh


Our strategic planning process is practical, measurable, and customized to address your unique needs and opportunities. We prioritize engaging diverse stakeholders throughout the process to ensure that the final outcome resonates and is aligned with all relevant communities.

Our strategy refresh services work within your existing strategic plan to update, rejuvenate, and offer a fresh perspective.


  • Robust information gathering
  • Analysis
  • Identification of areas of alignment, coherence, and divergence

Strategy Creation

  • Theme development
  • Identification of objectives and related key results
  • Initial approval

Plan Implementation

  • Milestones
  • Ownership
  • Resource requirements
  • Final approval

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