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Executive Search & Transitions

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The Pathway Group provides a specialized suite of executive transition services tailored to support organizations through leadership changes. Our team facilitates executive search processes, offers experienced interim leaders, and bridges leadership gaps with personalized onboarding and coaching. We help ensure smooth leadership transitions and nurture talent for sustained organizational growth and success.

Executive Search

Our dedicated team works closely with your organization throughout the search process, fostering a successful partnership aimed at enhancing your leadership team.

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Interim Executive Directors & CEOs

During times of transition, our Interim Executive Directors and CEOs seamlessly step in to maintain organizational momentum. Drawing from extensive experience and a keen understanding of your unique needs, our team of seasoned professionals provides stability, support, and strategic direction to ensure continued success.

Interim Director of Development & CDOs

During times of transition, The Pathway Group stands ready with unparalleled expertise to support and amplify your fundraising efforts. Our team provides crucial strategic guidance to ensure continuity, establish a sense of stability, and allow for continued work toward your fundraising goals.

New Executive Onboarding & Coaching

The Pathway Group equips new leaders with the tools, insights, and mentorship they need to navigate their roles effectively and drive immediate impact within your organization.

Succession Planning

Our succession planning process begins with an in-depth organizational assessment to understand the current strengths and challenges of your team. The Pathway Group will then work alongside your organization to plan for a smooth transition that preserves institutional knowledge and sustains organizational momentum.

Information Gathering

  • Survey and assess organization to determine leadership needs
  • Form and train search committee
  • Draft and post position profile

Interview & Hiring

  • Focused candidate sourcing and screening
  • Multiple rounds of interviews
  • Candidate selection

Transition Support

  • Create list of priorities for new leader
  • Determine professional development/support

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Whether a transition is on the horizon or already here, we're here to offer the solution that best meets your organization needs and situation.